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Watering Your Lawn Properly

Professional Lawn Maintenance Advice.

Watering your grass is essential to its appearance and healthy condition. There is not a homeowner that does not want beautiful and green grass growing in the backyard, so that they can enjoy a pleasant time there. However, this is not easy to achieve, as it needs regular care and lawn maintenance. Going to extremes is never a good idea, as there is a perfect balance, which is just right to keep the health and attractive appearance of your grass. The following article will introduce the steps you need to follow, in order to achieve the condition and color you expect from your lawn.

How Often to Water the Lawn

Sunlit Irrigation SprinklerThis depends on a lot of factors. The most basic ones are the type of your soil and grass, as well as the weather conditions. Exposure to sun and wind also play a role in the frequency in which you need to water your lawn. Another factor is the fertilization. A lawn that has been properly fertilized can go longer without water, in comparison to one that lacks the basic nutrients it needs to develop and grow.

Usually, there are visible clues, that indicate when you should water the grass. Change in color is one of the most common ones. Also, if you notice footprints in the grass staying longer than usual, and you see spots where the grass is missing, then it is quite obvious. It needs water!

How Much Water

sprinkler systemEach type of grass and soil has different requirements for the amount of water you should apply to them. Usually it is at least half an inch for clay soils and an inch for sandy soils. It is best to consult with a professional lawn maintenance company, in order to determine the exact amount for your individual situation.

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