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Should You Aerate your Lawn?

How Does Aeration Help Your Daily Lawn Care?

Aerating is constantly overlooked when you have time only for the mowing, fertilizing and watering. It is understandable, in these stressful times, that everyone forgets something from time to time, but this is one detail you should definitely include in your lawn care schedule. After all, as sod ages, the soil can become compressed, leaving no space for proper aeration. This makes it difficult for the roots to absorb water and the much needed nutrients. If you neglect this element, in time the grass will become weaker and more vulnerable to weeds and unwanted insects.

Lawn Aerator SandalsAerating is not a complicated process, as it consists of removing small cores and plugs of soil, which you can redeposit in the surface. This frees up space for the water and air to spread properly, and reach the roots of the grass. How will you know if your soil needs aerating? It is quite simple. Just cut out a couple of sections of turf grass, about 5 to 6 inches square and 6 inches deep. Inspect them, and if the roots go down only a couple of inches, it is definitely a good idea to begin aerating.

You should also bear in mind that grass roots are longest during the late spring, and shortest in the late summer. The best time for the job is to do it early summer or early autumn, as the grass is at the peak of its activity during those periods. You should also know that usually, only older grass needs aerating.

What you should do:

  • First of all, you should carefully mark any underground objects you have, such as sprinkler lines, utility cables and septic systems, in order to avoid any damage to them during the process.
  • Water your lawn a couple of days before aerating, so that the plugs fall out easily.
  • Reseed or fertilize your lawn immediately after aerating.

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